We live lives full of hope. It’s what keeps us going every day. We hope to get that promotion at work. We put our hope in the airline to get us to our destination. We hope beyond hope the test results tell us our health is good. Our lives are […]

There is hope beyond this life

If you took a random sampling of people on the street and asked them what they were focusing on at that moment, chances are God wouldn’t be on the list. Most likely they’d be thinking about things like their career, relationships, or just where to go to lunch. When you […]

The Messiah has already come

Most people know the Exodus story. It’s what points to the Passover celebration. It’s a memorial to the extraordinary way God delivered his people from suffering in the hands of a cruel political leader. What do you make of it? Do you think it has any relevance today? Was the Exodus […]

God wants you to know Him

I know It may seem far fetched to believe in this modern day and age, but God is real, He is active in this world, and He is knowable!  We see evidence of His presence all around us.  Our hearts yearn for Him even when that yearning is subconscious.  God […]

The God of your ancestors is real